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    At Celebration Christian Academy, our primary focus is to equip young individuals for their future by fostering strong character development and providing exceptional academic education rooted in the teachings of the Bible. As an accredited Christian institution, we offer personalized learning experiences within a well-organized setting for students ranging from 1st to 8th grade.   

    Our curriculum is tailored to meet each student's level of accomplishment, allowing them to thrive at their own pace.

   Under the guidance of experienced Learning Center Supervisors, students are supported in setting and achieving weekly goals, leading to successful learning outcomes. Our daily devotions, combined with curriculum that integrates biblical principles, serve as a catalyst for students to cultivate and strengthen their moral character.

Vision & Values

  • Celebration Christian Academy is FAMILY-FOCUSED

    • We partner with families in their child’s education and spiritual well-being.

    • We put the family first in field trips, volunteering, chapel, pledges, and every aspect of our day.

    • We encourage parent participation through volunteer opportunities, consistent communication, and weekly parent prayer times.

  • Celebration Christian Academy is CHRIST-CENTERED

    • ​We value Biblical immersion through all subject matter and relational interaction.

    • We focus on the heart when the need arises for discipline or encouragement using a Christ-centered, trauma-informed approach.

    • We build positive character and leadership traits modeled by Jesus Christ and not limited to love, honesty, integrity, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, self-control, gentleness, empathy, and faithfulness.

    • We disciple each and every student in the Teachings and Love of Christ.

  • Celebration Christian Academy BUILDS CHARACTER

    • We individualize education so that each student is learning at their level. This can look like differentiated learning or placement in an advanced core subject area.

    • We take a holistic approach to educating the child, including their academic, physical, mental, and spiritual growth. We offer athletics, fine arts, trips, and extracurriculars as ways to develop the whole child.

    • We are mission and service-minded, giving students the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Christ.

    • We empower teachers who are living testimony of Christ and bring the gospel into their daily interaction with students.

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