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$25 Application Fee



Parent's Marital Status


Has your child ever been retained?

Has your child ever been: 1) examined by a private or public school psychologist; 2) evaluated by a Child Study Team; or 3) classified with perceptual, learning, or emotional disabilities? (A yes answer to this question does not necessarily exclude a child from admission; however, we need to be aware of the nature of any disabilities to determine if our program can meet a student’s specific needs.) If your answer is Yes, please explain.


• That enrollment in Celebration Christian Academy is a privilege and not a right.

• To have my child educated in accordance with the teachings on the Bible and the beliefs of the Christian Faith as outlined in the school’s Statement of Faith and in the Parent-Student Handbook.

• That the school has full authority in placing my child in grade assignments and for dismissing any student who demonstrates an unwillingness or inability to profit from the program offered by CCA.

• That the Board of Directors reserves the right to dismiss any student who refuses to abide by the regulations of the school, or whose parents refuse to cooperate with the program and purpose of the school (as set forth in the school’s Parent-Student Handbook).

• To fulfill all financial obligations in a timely manner, and that, in the event of withdrawing my child from school during the school year, tuition will be pro-rated for the actual days of attendance plus a withdrawal fee of $150.00 per child to cover expenses.

• To permit school authorities to secure medical attention (at my expense) for my child in the case of an emergency. I have completed this application fully and accurately. I realize the responsibility for my child is great, and I will strive to work diligently with the school for the benefit of my child.

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